Irish Mammy T Towels

What's it called?
Irish Mammies T towel

What is it?
Tweet-towels! Isn’t that a good one. Honestly, the stuff that’s going now. There was nothing ‘fashionable’ about the tea-towels in our house anyway, I can tell you.

At last! What the world has been waiting for – Tweet-towels:  tea-towels bedecked with the powerful wisdom of the Irish Mammy.
Printed and designed in Ireland - there are four designs to choose from.

"Did you say a prayer to St Anthony?"

"Those biscuits are for the Visitors"

"Haven't you enough Gallavanting now for one week?"

"Don't be using the good scissors for that"

What's it made of?
100% Irish linen

What size is it?
50 x 70cm