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Designer Profile: Gordon Byrne

Today we’d like to introduce Gordon Byrne.

Gestaltung- ‘creative force'; a term which encompasses Gordon Byrne’s beliefs on design. He believes that this creative force should be used to shape the things and places around us. It is the design process that makes up the experiences and material world that we live in.

Gordon is a multidisciplinary designer, who has been at the forefront of promoting a culture of design in Ireland. Guided by the principles of modernist design his work, intended for industrial manufacture, can be fabricated with little or no waste. ‘minimal material maximum expression’ While this is very evident in his work there is also a sense of generosity, joy in everyday things, and humour in all his work, as can be seen in his briquette upholstered bench, his over sized pegs and his nick nack wheeled storage boxes.

d: What’s the nicest thing that happened to you today?

GB: I dropped my latest experiment into Designist – it’s been a while.

d: How do you like your eggs?

GB: fertilised

d :Which product do you wish you had designed?

GB: Jasper morrisson ply chair – it’s is beyond perfection. It is simply the most perfectly proportioned impeccably detailed piece of furniture ever designed.

d :Who is your design Hero?

GB: Castiglionni is the maestro but the Bouroullec brothers are amazing, after that Konstantin Grcic and I’d have to say Starck and Marc Newson were an absolute inspiration in the early days.

d: Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall?

GB: Spring spring spring I love the change in season – the extra hour and optimism of newness. Its also the start of the cycling season – happy days, one of my other passions in life.

d :What can’t you leave the house without?

GB: Absolutely my I phone – everyday I am amazed at what I am able to do while out and about; and driving I must confess.


For more information on Gordon’s work check out

For more info on the hero’s Gordon mentioned check out

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