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UPROAR – The making of Loominaire

Jennifer Slattery launched her Pop up shop last week, and her work has been going down extremely well.

Her textiles are a perfect choice for people who are looking for that ‘wedding present’ or ‘quality gift’ that we all so often have difficulty buying. Her high quality Irish linens are instantly notable for their weight and amazing design. Jennifer has that nailed that perfect mix of old meets new, without compromising on quality of fabric.

See all of her work here.

Jennifer recently teamed up with her Malt House design buddies Locker13 and worked on a  new lighting design called Loominaire. These distinctive shades have been on sale at designist throughout Jennifer’s stint at UPROAR. They are beautifully made and the mixing of talents comes across really well in the product. The fabrics are hand painted and as such all original pieces.

They look amazing in the store.


The production process of the Loominaire is fascinating. We love seeing exactly how the product came right from concept stage through to being a physical product. It certainly makes you appreciate all the work that goes into production!
And as an added extra Jennifer and the lads from Locker13 decided to share this process with the world.


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