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Kinetic Sand - You'll have to feel it to believe it

Posted by Karla Healion on

It is really hard to write about Kinetic Sand, because this stuff has to be used to be believed! It's a magical sand that holds shape, feels gloriously weird, and doesn't make a mess. Kinetic Sand is 98% pure real sand and 2% polymer, a kind of non-toxic glue that gives it an amazing texture and ability to maintain shapes. Just running it through your fingers is a brilliantly mesmerizing experience for any age, as it unfolds and breathes in your hands. The patented technology means it's easy to shape and manipulate; you can make a castle and then cut it in half! It's a bit like wet sand, but it's completely dry and wont stick all over your hands, get everywhere or fly about the place.

This sand is used and loved by science-fan adults as much as kids, but in case the parents out there are wondering, it conforms to European safety standards for kid's play products so it's perfect for all ages over 3 years and also for the classroom. You don't need a sandbox as it sticks to itself so cleaning it up is a sinch, it won't stain or stick under your little one's finger nails. It's dust free (as well as gluten, wheat and casein free) and never dries out. The nature of this kind of play means that it supports fine motor, sensory and cognitive development. Kinetic Sand has all the good things about real sand with none of the bad. It's a big, fun, amazing pile of technological magic.

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