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This week at designist

This week at designist

We hosted Sarah Merrigan of Sarah & Olive for an olive oil tasting Wednesday evening in store on George's Street. Sarah & Olive is an Irish company working with some of the best olive oil producers in the business. Sarah, a former chef who lived and worked in Barcelona for many years, has launched Sarah & Olive with a small, precisely curated selection of all the olive oils you’ll ever need. From sweet, delicate arbequinas which are perfect for fish and light,leafy salads to robust and peppery picuals guaranteed to make tomatoes sing and take your barbeques to another level. Most are multi-award winners and some have even won best in the world!

We got to try this delicious Cortijo Espiritu Santo Organic Picual Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Winner of prizes the world over, this standout early harvest oil is bright green in colour with an intense aroma of mature olives.



We tasted some truly exceptional oils and learned what to pair them with, as well as being spoiled rotten with delicious treats. A massive thanks to Sarah Merrigan and her team, and thanks to everyone who came along and to Barbara Flynn for taking photos. 




Check out these awesome hand printed Sheela na Gig Tea Towels by artist Nessa Finnegan! Sheela na Gigs are mysterious stone carvings, over 100 of which are to be found in medieval tower-houses, churches and holy wells on the island of Ireland. While they're an interesting part of Irish mythology, it's possible you've never heard of them (we certainly didn't learn about them in school!), after all, a woman brazenly showing her genitals may not have the same storytelling appeal as fairies and banshees.




On Thursday, Science Gallery Dublin launched the new PERFECTION exhibition. Through the lens of artists, musicians, mathematicians, architects, designers, psychologists and surgeons, we invite you to explore what it means to pursue perfection in a non-perfect world. 




The sun was out on Friday, and we got excited about making some cocktails over the weekend! Check out the Bar Compass or the Bartending Glasses for no-fuss, easy peasy cocktail making! The Citrus Twister is great for juicing your lemons for Whiskey Sours, and of course, using reusable straws for your drinks is much better for the environment! 




Kid Activist Lottie Doll in action! 'Kids need to see themselves as superheroes' says Mari Copeny, the inspiration for this Lottie Doll. She is a super cool kid who lives in America and came to the world’s attention in 2016 when, at age 8, she wrote to Barrack Obama asking him to intervene in the Flint Water Crisis where there hadn’t been clean water since April 2014. Mari herself raised loads of money to buy bottled water herself, and has done tons of other amazing things for underprivileged kids in her area. She's become known as Little Miss Flint. This Meg doll in the Lottie Series is inspired by Mari's incredible achievements.




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