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This week at designist

This week at designist

Consider a selection of exceptional olive oils as an amazing wedding or house warming gift! We would treasure this collection of delicious, organic arbequinas and picuals, specially selected by Sarah & Olive.



If you're the kind of person that likes to get the most out of something, these tube squeezers are for you! Force the very last drops out of your toothpaste, hand cream or paint tubes with these brilliant little keys. No more wasting the last few drops.



Lovely splash of colour in the window for the week that’s in it! If you’re looking for remarkable gifts & bright ideas, pop in and check out our collection of Irish and international design products. 



We've lots of great Irish products in store from the likes of The Handmade Soap Company in Meath, Sam agus Nessa down in Kildare, and Dublin's Grand Grand!



The sun is out and the city is looking proud! Amazing to see so much colour on display from local businesses for Dublin Pride weekend, well done everyone. We hope you all have a fantastic weekend!









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