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This week at designist

This week at designist

Rhubarb season might be coming to a close but if you love the smell as much as we do, you’ll want to get your hand on one of our Rhubarb Crop Candles. Crop candles are made in Cork and were developed by expert perfumer Lucy Hagerty of La Bougie. With notes of peach, plum (and rhubarb of course) the rhubarb candle is a soothing scent that is just as delicious as it sounds...




How about a new approach to carrying your keys? The Cone Brass Key ring from Kikkerland Designs has an unusual design that means that once attached, your keys don’t jangle. Nice. It’s pretty stylish too with a lovely weighted, vintage feel. Very simple to use, it unscrews at one end then you slot your keys onto the rod then close it up. Makes a lovely gift for any key holders in your life too.




Little Green Dot make the cutest baby bandana bibs that bring a smile (and some style) to the messiest of feeding sessions. Made from environmentally and socially responsible sourced cotton, Green Dot bandanas come in eco-friendly and recyclable packaging too. All of the fabrics are lovely, but we reckon these strawberries are the winners. Makes the perfect gift for any baba whether it’s a milk guzzling newborn or puree refusing tot. Bon Appetit.




During the summer kids seem to shoot up. Rather than scuffing up all your lovely paintwork at home, how about using the I’m As Big As…height chart to keep tabs on things? This beautifully designed measuring chart has lots of fun facts and you can check whether you’re as small or as tall as anything from the world’s longest moustache to a jockey, King Henry the eighth, a blue whale’s heart or Napoleon. Lots of fun for everyone and best of all, if your little ones are not quite measuring up, you can use the results to get them to eat more greens.



Folk tales are stories that have been passed down from generation to generation and are a lovely way to learn more about local history. This collection is a wonderful mix of magic and humour and all the stories are connected to Dublin. Writer and storyteller Orla Mc Govern has reimagined old classics and added new ones while Gala Tomasso has done a brilliant job with the illustration. The language of tales like ‘G’wan Oura Dat’ and ‘The Two Trees jumps off the page making these stories perfect for reading aloud. A great gift for any young readers in your life.




Is Sunday a day when you question your 9-5? Dream about running the show yourself? Maybe opening a coffee shop or cafe? Well, Colin Harmon knows a thing or two about this. He's 4 time Irish Barista Champion and owner of Dublin's 3fe Coffee. His book What I Know About Running Coffee Shops is an insightful roundup of everything he's learnt about the business and that's a lot. Grab a copy from our shop (this one isn't available online) and get reading. Oh, and let us know when you get the place up and running - we love a great coffee.




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