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This week at designist

This week at designist

This week at designist, we were all about refined flavours, delicate scents, Dublin mementos, Gaeilge, and calling your loved ones names.


With this spirits ageing kit, you can create delicious & rich, oak-infused flavoured spirits. This 3 piece kit is designed for in-bottle ageing in a matter of days. Depending on your own tastes you can go for a flavour from oaky to aged or bold to charred. This kit is perfect for ageing light spirits such as gin, vodka or rum, all of which can be used to make delicious smokey cocktails.




We love the intricate detail of the Pigeon House engineered in this awesome pop up card by Paper Bear.




If you want people to know it's not a great day to mess with you, wear this Not Today Satan pin with pride! Designed by Fintan Wall.




Just in this week, these delicious new soaps from the marvellous folk at the Handmade Soap company! Choose from Grapefruit & Irish Moss, Lemongrass & Cedarwood, or Sweet Orange with Basil & Frankincense, and enjoy fresh fragrances as you wash.




Seachtain na Gaeilge began on Friday! We're not brilliant at the Irish, but we like to use the 'cúpla focail' when we can. Send congratulations to someone with our 'maith thu' card, or wear your cupla focail with pride with a Cailín Maith patch or a Fear Mna tote by Nessa Finnegan.



Love/Hate? Ye know when insults become terms of endearment?! (We’ve had a few customers this week tell us their friends affectionately call each other geebags!). Hate Hearts by Fintan Wall, give them as gifts, or wear your disgruntlement with pride! 




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