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Is Democracy Failing?

Is Democracy Failing?

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Is democracy failing? This has to be one of the most important questions facing the world today. But there are many diverse perspectivesknocking around on the current state of democracy, partially due to the many ways in which people understand it. For this reason, in order to understand if democracy is failing, we first need to establish what is meant by democracy. This brilliant little volume from The Big Idea series by Thames & Hudson takes these massive questions, and presents them in short, digestible, paragraphs. The book is designed with "quick-recognition text hierarchy" which means that paragraphs are prioritised using different font sizes. The larger the font the more important the words are to the overall concept or argument. This clever system means you can read the book in whatever way suits you best. So if you only have half an hour to spare, just read the paragraphs set in the two largest font sizes and you'll get a basic overview of the subject. With an hour at your disposal, you'll get a deeper understanding by reading all the paragraphs apart from those in the smallest font. If you set aside a couple of hours, you'll be able to read the entire book and get both a well-balanced overview and a detailed comprehension of individual concepts. Broken down into 4 chapters the book coversThe Evolution of Democracy, How Democracy Works, The Limits of Democracy and The Challenge to Democracy.This captivating, articulate volume explores and interrogates each form of democracy and questions whether they remain fit for purpose today.

Who wrote it?
Niheer Dasandi is a lecturer at the School of Government and Society at the University of Birmingham. He completed his doctorate in Political Science at UCL in 2013, before which he spent two years working for the United Nations Development Programme. His research interests broadly focus on the politics of developing countries and the international political economy.

How does it come?
Paper back 23 x 15 x 2 cm approx.

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