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We Don't Know Ourselves

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We Don't Know Ourselves is Fintan O'Toole's very personal vision of Irish history, starting from the year of his birth (1958) all the way to the present. Ireland has certainly changed dramatically over this time. Fintan interweaves memories alongside an engrossing social and historical narrative, presenting a history that is empathetically personal while absolutely stirring clear of memoir territory. 

Fintan documents the era of Eamon de Valera, Jack Lynch, Charles Haughey and John Charles McQuaid, of 'The Troubles' in the North and the Pope's visit in 1979 (leading to a spate of Johns, Pauls and John Pauls in the years to come). He also documents those who began to speak out against the ruling consensus, and whose voices were getting stronger and stronger - from feminist movements,  to advocates for the rights of children, to the LGBTQ+ community that was very slowly coming out of the shadows.

Fintan uses each chapter to talk about a specific year or period, bringing us his trademark sharp, insightful and personal analysis of a changing Ireland.

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Who wrote it?

Richard Chambers

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Hardback approx. 24 x 16 x 5.5 cm

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