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Closca Classic Foldable Bike Helmet - white - medium

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Here's a product we've been waiting on for years. Carrying around a bike helmet has always been a pain, particularly if you're using a Dublin bike or beeper bike to get around. Where do you stash your helmet all day long? As a result many of us don't wear a helmet at all. The Closca helmet folds up to less than half its original size, and can easily be tucked into a bag to carry around until you need it again. 

Folding the Closca Helmet couldn't be easier - it just pops down and pops back up again as needed. It's lightweight and safe, with ventilation systems to keep your head cool. It's also suitable for rollerblading, skateboarding or riding one of them new-fangled e-scooters you see people going about on. 

Closca Classic helmets aren't just clever - they're also smart. An NFC chip hidden at the top of the helmet allows you to store personal and medical information, and emergency contact information. 

We love that the Closca Classic is designed to be adaptable. The Closca Classic comes with a sun visor to keep the sun out of your eyes, but you can swap it out for whatever visor suits you. In cold weather, the Closca Nordic Visor is perfect for keeping your head warm and safe. 

This helmet is white, and a size medium. It's also available in black, or other sizes, and there's loads of accessories available too. Check out the collection here


What's it made of?
Recycled material including polycarbonates and expanded polystyrene

How does it come?
In a 31 x 23 x 8 cm box. Medium size is 57 - 59 cm. Helmet measures 29 x 6 x 20 cm when folded.

what sets the classic apart from the loop?
the classic is closca's deluxe model - with extra features that set it apart from the loop. the closca has a removable sun visor, and additional accessories can be attached. the closca has an NFC chip in the top, to store personal and medical information. the closca feels heavier and has a more sturdy, stylish shape than the loop. 

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