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Bubble Buddy - yellow

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Bubble Buddies are the coolest, eco-forward and stylish thing to happen to soap in ages!

Bubble Buddies are soap dishes interGRATED (get it?!) graters that allow you to turn the humble soap bar into your very own cleaning formula. Simply scrape your soap bar gently over the grate's surface to create a rich creamy lather, perfect for doing the dishes, cleaning your home or simply washing your hands (Super important!).

Bubble Buddies drastically reduce the need for liquid soap, detergents, shampoos and cleaners (yeah!). And because each soap bar is highly concentrated, it lasts a massive amount longer than its liquid alternatives. All of this makes it the perfect item for those seeking to reduce their plastic consumption. Ok, the bubble buddy IS made from plastic, but it is 100% recycled plastic made from reconstituted plastic bottles. 

Available in a variety of cool colours, these are soap dishes you will want to show off. And, even better, each Bubble Buddy comes with a bar of long lasting lemon and citronella scented cleaning soap perfect for cleaning, doing the dishes, laundry and even your hands. Add to that that it is vegan, palm oil free, and free from SLS, petrochemicals and parabens. 

It's the GRATE way to clean!

What's it made of?
Bubble Buddies are made from 100% recycled and reconstituted plastic bottles. Every single thing that goes into the making of Bubble buddies is recycled and sustainable.

The soap is made of purely organic, all natural ingredients with no nasties! Free from SLS, petrochemicals and parabens.

How does it come?
In a lovely little paper box , with instructions & bar of cleaning soap. 11 x 6 x 7 cm approx.

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