Open Labs – designist

Open Labs

OPEN LABS is a Science Gallery Dublin first, a group exhibition curated by the Office of Life + Art, featuring work from Art Science Bangalore (IN), Bioart Society (FI), Hackers & Designers (NL) and Public Lab (US), as well as Science Gallery Dublin’s OPENSHOP (IRE). These labs celebrate collective curiosity and challenge the expectations of what a lab can do and why it should exist.

This exhibition showcases surprising projects and experiments from around the world that can help us imagine the many directions independent creative research can take in the future. Artists and designers are accessing and hacking emerging technologies, or co-creating technologies that are inspired by their political convictions, personal obsessions or just a sense of fun and wonder.

Below is a collection of products we curated inspired by the works in Open Labs. Check out the dedicated Open Labs site for more info on the works, artists and events coming up.