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Create Me Textile Kit

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Many of us remember the old adage of 'waste not, want not' being imparted to us by our parents. And with an ever-growing movement alert to sustainability and the need for us to recycle and upcycle, the Create Me Textile kit enables you to play your small part too. 

Inspired by the tangram, the dissection puzzle, Create Me is a chance to get creative in how you camouflage and hide tears and stains. Add new details and embellishments to much-loved items. You can go for the full Spandau Ballet with your efforts and maybe even award yourself a gold star too. These transfers are suitable for clothes as well as interior textiles.

This is a great gift for those who love to redesign their clothes and are looking to be a little more sustainable with their fashion.

Read more about the Create me kits on our blog.

How Does it Come?
Sheet with more than 100 iron-on shapes, a piece of felt, ironing paper and a manual. Available in mat gold. 

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