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The Disconnect

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We all live online now. From our endless scrolling, liking, viewing, sharing, the line between what is on and offline is be merging, making any real distinction meaningless.

Through a series of fascinating interlinked essays, Roisin Kiberd reveals the ways we are more connected than ever before, and the disconnect that this inevitably breeds.

Having worked for tech startups and as the online voice of a cheese brand; Kiberd has witnessed the overwhelming bloated excesses of tech conferences and found herself diving into and exploring some of the strangest communities on the web. As she found out more about these hidden worlds, she then was able to trace how they have been sending ripples through our culture and politics.

Kiberd explores the strange worlds, habits and people that have grown with the internet. From the lure of the endless scroll, to the glamour of self-optimisation; from the cult of Energy Drinks to the nostalgic world of Vaporwave music; and from silicon town centres to dating tech bros. And she poses the questions; what we have gained, what we have lost, and what we have given willingly away in exchange for this connected life.

This is a captivating read about a world we simultaneously know so much, yet so little about.

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Who wrote it?
Roisin Kibred

How does it come?
Paperback, 21.5 x 15.5 x 2 cm approx,283 pages.

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