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6th Birthday Party Present Subscription

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Get one step ahead of your child's social calendar this year with our Birthday Present subscriptions. A birthday party invite is always delightful but also involves a whole ton of work for the parents, so we've come up with an easy solution for the gift for you. We'll send you monthly deliveries meaning you'll always have a cool, interesting, age appropriate gift to hand, just when you need it.

What's in the subscription?
For this age group we've developed a collection that focuses on interpersonal skills, character creation, and learning through play. All the gifts are gender neutral and aren't branded with any characters.

Six year olds tend to be sociable creatures, full of chat and questions. They love to dress up and role play as different people and characters, and often use this as a way to explore social roles. They're very concerned about their friendships and their place in the wider world. They're also developing reading, writing and math skills that mean they enjoy more complex games and puzzles that can show off these new skills. 

How does it work?
Once a month for a school year (9 months) we'll send you a thoughtful, relevant gift along with wrapping paper, cards and the occasional bonus products that should go down a treat.

Check out our FAQ's on how subscriptions work hereFor a different age group, check out the rest of the collection here

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