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30ml Bottled Plant: Hydrangea (hydrangea macrohpylla)

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These delicate cut flower stems are preserved in glass bottles, creating delicate objets d'art that look stunning placed on a table, a small shelf or mantel piece. Their paired down aesthetic highlights the furniture around it, bringing an air of curiosity to whatever surface they decorate.

These bottled flowers are wonderful alternatives to fresh cut flowers and have the added benefit of looking beautiful for much, much longer. 

Preserved in this 30ml bottle is a single cut stem from a Hydrangea - hydrangea Macrohpylla.

Slow Pharmacy carefully selects each plant and delicately places it into its bottle by hand in Seoul. Each cut is unique in on its self, while the vials they sit in are designed to bring out their natural beauty. 

We love their minimalist looks - and think they make a great alternative to fresh cut flowers, as each vial will remain unchanged for up to a year. Take a look at the rest of the range in stock here at designist.

Read a little bit more about Slow Pharmacy in our blog.

How Does it Come?

In a gift box, each 30ml vial measures 7.5 x 3cm. The liquid is not drinkable. please note, variations will occur

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