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5 Minute Shower Timer

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Game-ify your shower with this handy 5 minute timer. Can you wash off all the soap before the sand runs out? The removable suction cup allows you to attach it in the shower so you can see just how much time you have left

We're all being told to try to conserve energy as much as we can, both for environmental and financial reasons. While you may have mixed opinions on Eamon Ryan suggesting we should all taking shorter showers, in comparison to some of the bigger complex issues there are to solve, surely this is an easy win. Still I can imagine this causing a fair few domestic rows, which is where the 5 minute shower timer comes in. Whether you're on the' 'I've got two minutes left' or 'you've been in there ages' side of the argument, it's hard to argue with a timer.  Essential for familial peace. 

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What's it made of?
Plastic and Wood with a detachable Suction cup.

How does it come?
In a box approx 11 x 4.5 x 3 cm. Timer is 10 x 4 cm. 

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