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A Big Important Art Book (Now With Women!)

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Where are all the women in art? ' HERE! here they are! 

Following on from the Guerrilla Girls provocative question 'Do women have to be naked to get into the Met museum?' this book aims to begin the process of putting women (clothes and all) back into art. Artist and Curator Danielle Krysa, fed up of walking through art galleries and museums and seeing on tiny percentages of art by women on display decided enough was enough. So she began compiling work and stories on some of todays most inspiration women artists and put them all into this book.

The book is full of names you may not always recognise, but you certainly should. Krysa sweeps through themes and styles bringing a large breadth of work with the aim to show that women artists are very much here, and making some cracking great art and, if that's not enough, then includes a range of projects to show how you can begin your very own big important art project

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Who's it by?
Danielle Krysa

What size is it?
Hard back, approx. 21 x 21 x 2cm

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