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An Irish Atlantic Rainforest

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On the Beara peninsula, a picturesque part of West Cork, stands a 73 acre rainforest. It might not have the same plants and animals as the Amazon, but it grows wild and free. It hasn't been planted or farmed, and things have grown in places we'd never think to plant them - the cracks between rocks, staring straight into the bracing winds coming off the Atlantic. 

It's the passion project of Eoghan Daltun, who moved there in 2009 with his young family. Rewilding the land has been a personal mission of Daltun, whose initial plans for hands-off management were quickly given up in favour of a more interventionist approach. Building fences to protect his land from wildlife, carefully pruning to allow for better growth. 

Here Daltun reflects on his journey, as well as his beliefs about biodiversity and the climate in general. From the most minute details about the tiniest creatures, to global theories of climate protection - this is a book as rich as the rainforests themselves. 

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Who wrote it?
Eoghan Daltun

How does it come?
Hardback, 24 x 16 x 3 cm

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