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We're reemerging from lockdowns and indoor activities, and boy are we glad of it! To set yourself or your fellow outdoorsmen up for a green adventure, we've put together two of our best-selling books, each detailing lots of ways to re-connect with nature.  

In Rewild Yourself, Simon offers a new approach to how we can change our interaction with nature on an individual level and hopefully as a result reconnect with a part of ourselves we have long since lost.  writing against the backdrop of writers of beloved classics such as c.s. lewis, j.k. rowling and j. r. r. tolkien, barnes challenges us to look at nature in a more magical way. using the magical simplicity of everyday objects (and some new ones!) we can open ourselves up to the undiscovered world of mammals, reptiles and creatures that not many of us even know are there and thus reawaken our wild spirit.

In the Forager's Calendar, john steps you though every aspect of foraging - from what species can be found and where, how to best identify them, and how to store, use and cook them. from foraging nettles, strawberries, wild garlic and sea kale, to learning the best way to tap a birch tree, how to fry an ant, make rosehip syrup and cook a hop omelette, this book has an encyclopedic wealth of knowledge between its pages.  john wright's expert advice guides you to finding all the seasonal free produce just beyond your doorstep. his extensive knowledge is worn lightly, with funny, whimsical observations. packed full of photos, this wonderful book one that should be well-thumbed by anyone who is interested in the natural world.

This is a great gift for those who love the outdoors and want to reconnect with the world around them.

How does it come?  This gift book bundle contains:
ReWild Yourself by Simon Barnes, Paperback
The Forager's Calendar by John Wright, Paperback

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