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What is it? 
The way we speak in Ireland is a sometimes entertaining mix of our natural bent towards bolloxology and our natural resistance to it. In his latest book, comedian Colm O'Regan tells us exactly what bolloxology is, and what the characteristics of the Irish are that have led us to use such a form of language. For example the filler words we use when we don't have enough words to fill the available space; they're innocuous enough in private conversation, but when taken into the more public sphere, they're usually a sign we're hiding something - like a truth or the fact that we don't know our arse from our elbow. These words in Ireland include 'I suppose..', 'Lookit', 'So', 'Ah shur/ Dhera / Arra / Musha / Wisha', 'Like', and our very favourite 'Now'. Overall this is a very funny book filled with humorous rants about the modern world and how irritating it can be sometimes. It's really well researched and compiled and covers a broad range of ways we understand, interpret and present the modern world around us. And to boot, it's filled with illustrations by the wonderful Twisted Doodles.

Who wrote it?
Colm O'Regan, with cartoons by Twisted Doodles

How does it come?
Hard cover 13 x 20 cm approx.

How can I get it?
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