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Cheats and Deceits

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Cheats and Deceits is a fascinating book for anyone that's interested in how animals and plants have evolved to survive. Cuckoos lay eggs carefully matched to their host's own clutch. Harmless butterflies mimic the wing patterning of a poisonous butterfly to avoid being eaten. The deep-sea angler fish hangs a glowing lure in front of its mouth to draw the attention of potential prey, while some male fish alter their appearance to look like females in order to sneak past rivals in mating. Some orchids develop the smell of female insects in order to attract pollinators, while carnivorous plants lure insects to their death with colourful displays. Martin Stevens' lifts the lid on a wonderous world populated with confidence tricksters and fraudsters. Be very careful - it's a jungle out there!

Who wrote it? 
Martin Stevens

How does it come? 
Hardback, 300p, 24 x 16 x 2.5 cm

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