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Did Ye Hear Mammy Died?

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Did ye hear mammy died? is a book about family. an argumentative, loud, musical, sarcastic, grief-stricken family growing up in a sprawling bungalow in rural Derry during the 1990s. One of 11 children, their mother died when he was 5, leaving his eccentric and wildly lovable father to shepard them into adulthood with an absolute determination that they would flourish in doing so. 

Séamas writes hilariously and tenderly. He talks of his father building bookshelves in every room to avoid having to lecture them on the importance of academic achievement; videotaping and obsessively cataloguing more than 800 films to avoid having to take out a Blockbuster subscription; having the local nuns cook their Christmas turkey every year; all the time while the Troubles rumble in the background.

This moving, sometimes amusing, and completely unsentimental memoir shares the story of a boy growing up in a family bonded by love, loss, and relentless mockery. 

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Who wrote it?
Séamas O'Reilly

How does it come?
Paperback, 225 pages

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