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Don't Get a Job ... Make a Job

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What is it?
A book by Gem Barton on how to make it as a creative graduate. So the days of trading in your degree for a nice safe job are gone, and who knows if they'll ever return? Unfortunately, it seems it's simply not enough just to graduate any more. The world demands more from you as a graduate - you are the future, you are the next generation of entrepreneurs, design-thinkers, hyper-specialists and cultural-agitators. You have a role, you have a responsibility. It's no longer just about the world of design, it's about the design of your world! This book celebrates the strategies used by the new generation of trailblazers to carve out unique routes into the design world, and includes interviews and inspirational advice from well-known international designers who are now enjoying the successes brought about by their own "make a job" attitude.

Who wrote it?

Gem Barton is a design writer and academic. She has 10 years' experience teaching architecture, interior design, interior architecture, and design thinking at graduate and postgraduate level, and is currently Senior Lecturer at Brighton University. With professional experience as a writer in the fields of architecture & design, she actively engages with and challenges the relationship between education and practice.  

How does it come?
Paper back, 144 pages, 20 x 14 x 1 cm approx.

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