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How Democracy Ends

How Democracy Ends

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How Democracy Ends takes a fresh, stark look at the failings of contemporary democracy. Things have taken a bit of a dip recently, post-Trump and Brexit; sales for 1984 have sky-rocketed, and people have been likening our current political climate to the 1930's Weimar Republic. David Runciman - one of the leading professors in politics in the UK - disagrees, to an extent. While identifying various different ways in which democracy might collapse, and outlining the signs to look for, he also argues that he sees the democratic system as being in a bit of a slump -  more of a mid-life crisis than a complete flat-line, likening Trump's America to the meltdown motorcycle, to be viewed later as nothing more than embarrassing. (so it mightn't be as bad as we thought!) How Democracy Ends is provocative and inciting, a stand-out for its genre.


Who wrote it? 
David Runciman


How big is it? 
Hardcover, 14.4 x 2.8 x 22.2 cm, 256pg

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