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Humans of Dublin

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What is it? 
Humans of Dublin was created by photographer Peter Varga, it's a collection of photographs and short quotes from strangers on the streets of Dublin. Peter came to Dublin 9 years ago from Hungary for three months, fell in love with the place and never left. He followed his interest in photography by buying a digital camera and doing a photography course. Inspired by the success of similar projects internationally, Peter began to walk the streets of Dublin, interviewing and photographing those he met along the way.  What he discovered are the powerful stories that hide in plain sight as we rush about our lives, too busy to notice. By creating a blog, Humans of Dublin soon became a social media phenomenon with over 100,00 fans. In this beautiful, thread-bound book he shares with us a collection of these works. From tales of inspiration and joy to thsoe of heartbreak and loss, all of human life is present in this remarkable portrait of a diverse and vibrant city. For extra 'Aw' value, check out the proposal to his girlfriend Peter included in the back page of his book, AWW!

Who wrote it?
Peter Varga

How does it come?
Hardback 25 x 20 x 3 cm approx.

How can I get it?
You can collect your items in the shop in georges street, dublin (map), or we can deliver it straight to you or your someone special anywhere in Ireland or the rest of Europe (delivery info here). If you want it sent further afield drop us a line and we can arrange that for you. If you are cutting it fine we also have an next day delivery option anywhere in Ireland.

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