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Irish Wildflower Seedbombs

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Give Irish bees a helping hand with these little seedbombs, stuffed full of irish wildflower seeds. Made of clay, compost and bee attracting wildflower seeds, they provide much needed habitat and food for our little pollinator friends. Simply throw or drop them into your garden, hedgerow or sure anay spot in need of a little bit of brightening up - stone walls, unused open space, anywhere you think would make a wildflower haven for bees and butterflies. The seedbombs are designed to grow with the minimum of effort by you - no garden tools or skill required. 

Each seedbomb box will cover approximately 4 square feet and contains a mix of annuals and perennials. We particurlary love how the perennials don't die at the end of the season and self-seed and then germinate on their own year after year.

These irish made seedbombs will help bring the bees back and inspire a sustainable food system for the future.

How does it come?
In a carboard box. Measures 6 x 4.5 x 2 cm approx.

What's it made of?

Made from clay, compost and seeds. Each box contains 3-5 bombs and will cover approximately 4 square feet. With a mix of annuals and perennials you can expect this coverage to increase with years to come. The assortment of seeds that may include a mix of:

Marsh Marigold
Red and white Campion
Common Poppy
Devils Bit Scabious
Field Scabious
Lady’s Smock
Common Knapweed
Ox-eye Daisy
Centaury Primrose
Germander Speedwell
Wild Thyme
Deep blue Spring Gentian
Purple Loosestrife
Ragged Robin
St Johns Wort
Dwarf Sunflower 

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