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It's OK to be Angry About Capitalism

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It’s OK to be angry about capitalism. No really, it's not only okay; it's maybe even a perfectly rational reaction in these turbulent times.

In his new book, Senator Bernie Sanders brings us a straight talking, personal and very readable book which breaks down into simple, digestible sentences his view of the economic system of capitalism as it has developed in The United States of America.

The question of inequality has been at the forefront of public conversation and recent debates and protests have brought to light the anger and frustration people are feeling about the current political climate. In this book, Bernie unpacks the many of the societal implications of American style capitalism; such as an ever-widening wealth gap, the health crisis in America, and systemic racism, demonstrating why this anger is valid.

So much more than a Meme, Bernie's commitment to fighting 'social' issues has been a consistent part of his political career and this book lays out all of his frustrations with the present and hopes for the future. 

This is a great book for anyone grappling with the injustices they see around them, for those who find themselves getting angry but don't know where to direct it, and for those who want to get 'a glimpse of what politics could be like' (as quoted by Yanis Varoufakis)

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Who wrote it?
Bernie Sanders

How does it come?
Hardback. Approx. 15.5 x 24 x 2.5 cm

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