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Remember the Milk - Fridge magnets

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We've all come back from a shop without the one thing we really needed. 'Remember the Milk' is a set of useful fridge magnets which will not only brighten up your fridge but help you remember exactly what to put on your shopping list.

Lovingly illustrated by Txell Darne, there are 40 cardboard magnets in total which are presented in a fridge-shaped, eco-friendly, cardboard box.

'Remember The Milk' is a fun, collaborative and engaging, way for the family to keep on top of the household essentials.

The maker of 'Remember The Milk' is Londji a, Barcelona-based, toy company created in 2004 that combines art and games, resulting in truly remarkable, imaginative and innovative toys for kids. They manufacture their toys and kits in Spain using eco friendly recycled cardboard and sustainable wood.

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How does it come?                                                                                                                40 Magnets, Cardboard box 12 x 21 x 2.2 cm app, 10.7 x 19.2 (sheet).

Remember the milk // Londji original toys from Londji original toys on Vimeo.


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