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That's Gas Gift Bundle

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It's the response we are all looking for when we give a funny, thoughtful gift. 'That's gas!'

This gift bundle captures the Irish wit and humour, and puts some genuinely thoughtful gifting into the mix - ideal for anyone who needs a cheery gift, a bit of care, or a giggle on their birthday, or just because.

This gift bundle contains a very cosy pair of Feck It Socks (large, size 8-12), by the irish socksciety, that have an amazing 3D geometric cubes pattern, perfect for razzle-dazzling and are brandished with the words 'Feck it' on the sole, and complemented with a cerulean blue heel and mustard ankle, with a seamless finish for the best possible comfort. 

There is also a very useful tax disc holder not only does what it says and finely holds tax discs, it also has a list of helpful things to tell the Guard in case of emergencies. This often overlooked piece of equipment has cried out for a redesign perhaps since the dawn of motoring. Sceptics will point to the 'Keep Going Sure It's Grand' slogan and label this a callow branding of a standard Tax/Insurance/NCT disc holder but no, this device has so much more to offer. Not only is it lovingly crafted from 100% genuine pleather in a shade of patriotic Kelly Green but on the outside or 'Guard side', lies the complimentary phrase 'You're looking well guard'. A great piece of kit by irish brand grandgrand

And to round off the gift bundle, there is a striking metal pin that will show the world just how full of notions you really are by Fintan Wall.

How does it come?  

This gift bundle contains:
1 x pair of Feck It Socks size 8-12
1 x Tax Disc Holder
 1 x Notions Pin

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