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The Darkest Dark

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What is it about? 
A beautifully illustrated story book from astronaut Chris Hadfield about a young boy who faces his fears, and goes on to reach the stars. The boy, also called Chris, is afraid that aliens will come if he falls asleep in the dark. His parents do everything to put his mind at ease, but Chris can't sleep. Until his dad tells him that he won't be allowed go next door tomorrow unless he stays in his own bed. Eventually Chris falls asleep and has his favourite dream where he flies his spaceship all the way to the moon. We find out the event in the neighbours house the next day is something that happened to Chris Hadfield in real life on the evening. of 20 July 1969. The Hadfield's had no TV so they went to a neighbours house to watch the Apollo 11 landing. When Chris saw Neil Armstrong step onto the surface of the moon his life changed forever. He knew from that moment he wanted to be an astronaut too. It's a heart warming, inspiring story, great for any age.    

Who wrote it?
Written by astronaut Chris Hadfield and illustrated by The Fan Brothers.

How does it come?
Hard back 28 x 28 x 1 cm approx.

How can I get it?
You can collect your items in the shop in georges street, dublin (map), or we can deliver it straight to you or your someone special anywhere in Ireland or the rest of Europe (delivery info here). If you want it sent further afield drop us a line and we can arrange that for you. If you are cutting it fine we also have an next day delivery option anywhere in Ireland.

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