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The Game of Romantic Compromise

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What is it?
A card game for cohabiting couples that describes the real romance of everyday life: The delicate dance of diplomacy where the ideal outcome is that everything is equal but everyone secretly feels like they are winning - it's not for amatuers.

The aim of the game is to, ideally, end up with equal points, reflecting the harmony of your relationship. If you end up with MORE points than your partner it means you are less compromising and you lose. You'll end up doing some of the favours for your partner, for real.

Each player numbers their cards with their own scale of compromise points, so it's unique to your relationship. Would you be willing to swap a trip to the inlaws against having to take the hair out of the plughole? Would do anything to get out of a trip to IKEA, or is that no biggie for you? It's up to you both to find the right compromise. The game requires you to read your better half and predict how much a particular favour means to them. Get it wrong and you could end up having to deal with the car insurance, or changing the bed sheets. If they get it wrong they could end up taking the blame or having to let you read their messages. 

DISCLAIMER: designist take no responsibility for any distress, disputes or divorce resulting from playing the game.

This is a limited edition of 50 games, just for Valentine's 2016. We will be launching a full version in the Summer. 

How does it come?
In a box 14 x 9.5 x 3 cm, with full instructions

How can I get it?
You can collect your items in the shop in georges street, dublin (map), or we can deliver it straight to you or your someone special anywhere in Ireland or the rest of Europe (delivery info here). If you want it sent further afield drop us a line and we can arrange that for you. If you are cutting it fine we also have an next day delivery option anywhere in Ireland.

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