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Graduate Designer Profiles – 4th Level Show

Designer Profile – Alan Harrison

Alan studied Industrial design at NCAD. As his final year project he designed ‘Sheer’.
It is basically a vertical mouse that helps reduce the dangers of RSI and other injuries. It’s simple, current, and really marketable. We really liked Alan’s design and got great feedback from it in the shop. His prototype was picked up by every passing customer – and we were not alone when we commented ‘it’s cool – it reminds me of a tongue’!

We asked Alan the following questions and here is how he responded:

d: Who is your design hero?
AH: Has to be Eileen Gray, because she’s Irish.

d: What will the name of your Autobiography be?
AH: Alan and the little people

d: Which product do you wish you had designed?
AH: Probably the JosephJoseph Ladle, the one with the foot. I always think that’s something I would have done. (see below)

d: PC or Mac?
AH: Mac

d: Cats or Dogs?
AH: Cats, they’re the Macs of the pet world


Alan in designist with his Sheer Mouse

Alan Harrison Sheer



Alan wishes he’d come up with this before JospehJoseph did!

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