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Just what is New Kintsugi?

Just what is New Kintsugi?

How do you repair cherished, broken objects?

There has been a bit of a buzz around the Kintsugi method lately, and not without reason. Kintsugi is an ancient Japanese technique for repairing broken ceramics. Rather than hiding the break lines, it highlights them with a precious metal, often gold. This visual mending of an item draws attention to the history and life of an object. And rather than discarding something that breaks, Kintsugi shows us that by mending, we can make the object stronger, and more beautiful than before. We can create additional complexity and interest to the item by highlighting the cracks and breaks. 

In a world obsessed with image, youth and perfection, this feels like an important life lesson for all of us. We found this lovely little video that talks through this idea here.

New Kintsugi Kits take this ethos  and let us apply the concept of Kintsugi to a variety of objects. Where traditional Kintsugi uses a lacquer and gold dust to treat broken ceramics, New Kintsugi uses an epoxy resin and gold dust - meaning it can be used to fix a much wider array of broken objects. From hard plastics to glass, metal to wood, and of course ceramics. If you would like to see how it works, we have a little demo on just how to start your first repair on Instagram.

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