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About Us

what is designist? 

designist is a design led gift & homeware store, selling online and also at our shop on South Great Georges Street, Dublin 2. Since opening in 2010 we have collaborated with a huge number of Irish designers and crafts people on events, product launches, showcases and pop up shops.

Our carefully curated range of products represents the best of Irish and international design, with the intention of showing just how good the standard of design in Ireland is. Our selection criteria are that all our products should be beautiful, useful and affordable and our emphasis is on the story of the products. We also work with Irish designers on product development and market testing. We have recently gone into partnership with Klickity, and have developed and produce our own range of greetings cards.

designist was short-listed for the Irish Time best shops in 2014, 2013 & 2012.

The idea in setting up designist was to close the loop between designers and customers. We could see a lot of excellent design being produced in Ireland and abroad but there was very little access to it in the Irish market. Without a clear route to market for Irish designers it was hard for them to push ahead with full scale manufacturing. We want to offer designers a place to showcase new designs and customers a chance to see new interesting products not available elsewhere. We also had a clear idea about the importance of independent shops, adding a unique element and providing a sense of place to a city.  

who is designist? 

designist is a collaboration between Anne Lynott, Jennie Flynn & Barbara Nolan, as well as various other amazing folk we bamboozle into working with us from time to time. 

Anne gets her name here first because it starts with an A. This also causes her to receive a lot of phantom calls. She has a professional qualification in curation and printmaking, an eye for detail and rather excellent handskills. Before joining designist Anne managed a commercial art gallery. Never afraid of a challenge, in her spare time, she was part of the core Upstart team that created Granby Park in 2013. She co-runs designist with Jennie and if we are playing Billy Joel, Paul Simon or Nilsson chances are that she's here. 

Barbara is our director-at-large. She's is mostly to be found swanning around in London town. Barbara likes music, books and travel. Not in the way most people have it on their CV, she really likes them. She managed a bookshop in London, ran a training scheme in Barcelona and studied politics in Amsterdam. In conversation she likes getting to the point of the matter.

Jennie likes designing, or rather she likes going on about design. She also likes people. This has led to her doing lots of different things including teaching, community development through design, a 'Design Futures' Masters in Goldsmiths and designing fitted furniture for Irish manufacturers. She likes thinking about systems. And breakfast, she really likes breakfast.

What are we up to? 

Check out our blog for any upcoming events and new product ranges. 

are you designist? 

We’re looking to source new products to add to our range. The product specification is: beautiful, useful products that can retail for under €100.

We stock lighting, table ware, stationery, plant containers, glasses, storage items, wall items, kitchen ware, toys, but these categories are constantly expanding. What all of the items have in common is that they are innovative, practical, make efficient use of materials and have a definite design perspective. Our preference is for manufactured products over handmade items for consistency and efficiency of production. 

If you have a product, or an idea for a product that fits within this criteria please get in touch –