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opening hours mon - sat 10 - 6pm, sun 12 - 5.30pm
68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534

about us

interior designist

Hello, and welcome to designist. 

We’re a gifts and homeware store selling in person at our Dublin city centre shop and right here on this website.  We sell Remarkable Gifts and Bright Ideas so if you’re in the market for either, you’ve come to the right place. 

What makes a remarkable gift? 
glad you asked. Anything that will make your eyes light up in delight when you unwrap the parcel. Hopefully also something you’ll use all the time and be reminded of just how clever and thoughtful the person who gave it to you was. 

And, what’s a bright idea? 
Anything that makes your day a little brighter - helps you understand and navigate your way through the world and adds a little bit of joy. Hopefully not something you’ll end up having to dust, or that does untold damage to the planet. 

Who we are
The shop was set up by Barbara Nolan & Jennie Flynn in 2010, with the idea of bringing together designers and customers in a feedback loop, so right from the beginning designist has always been about the people. From our brilliant creative staff to the many many makers and suppliers we worked with, to the customers who've kept us going all these years, people are what this business is all about.

So here are just a few of the people you might meet in the shop: 

Jennie Flynn - Head of Everything - She like breakfast, going on about stuff, particularly with customers. Contact Jennie to talk about becoming a supplier or existing supplier relationships. Fair warning; she'll end up telling you all about some podcast she recently heard.

Barbara Nolan

Barbara Nolan - Head of getting things started - She likes going on an adventure, trying out new things and working out how to get something done. She quite likes gift wrapping too. Contact Barbara to talk about business partnerships, new projects, or corporate orders. She's a good bet if you don't know who else to talk to! 

Laura Bradshaw Heap - Head of making things look good - She likes Disco and really well made things that last. Contact Laura to talk about marketing, merchandising, all things digital, and press enquiries. She's the one you are most probably chatting with when you message us on Instagram.

Hazel Kenny - Head of knowing where things are and what’s going on. She likes board games and learning about how things are made and why. Contact Hazel to talk about our stock, inventory, special delivery requests, and to understand how this whole fantastic operation works on the inside.

What are we up to?
We regularly update our blog, so head there for our updates, news, current product-crushes and our general goings on. Or sign up for our relatively charming emails. We promise not spam you. 

Are you designist?
We’re always looking to source new products to add to our range. The product specification is simple: beautiful, useful products.

We stock cards, gifts, lighting, tableware, stationery, books, accessories, plant containers, glasses, bags, prints and art, kitchenware, toys, games & gadgets but these categories are constantly expanding. What all of our items have in common is that they are innovative, practical and have a definite design perspective. We opt for manufactured products over handmade items as it ensures consistency and efficiency of production. 

If you have a product, or an idea for a product that fits within this criteria we'd love to hear about it. Please get in touch –

designist in the press:
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