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Graduate Designer Profiles – 4th Level Show

Designer Profile – Oisin Miliano

Oisin studied Industrial design at NCAD. As his final year project he designed ‘Playcrate’.

Playcrate is a stackable play mat that has a LEGO compatible surface. You don’t have to demolish your creations just cos play time is over; you can lift them up, fold playcrate into a storage unit and store them in playcrate. Oisin plans to market playcrate as a pack of 3. They sit cleverly on top of one another and store your LEGO and protect your unfinished masterpieces. It’s a simple but fabulous ides. When we displayed Playcrate in designist, the response was unbelievable. There is no doubt that Playcrate is a product you’ll see on the market soon.

We asked Oisin the following questions and here is how he responded:

d: What’s the thing you’ll miss most about being in college?
OM: Using a scooter to get to the workshop and toilets double quick, building outlandish bicycles, and Gerry

d: Which product do you wish you had designed?
OM: LEGO, or was that not obvious?

d: PC or Mac?
OM: PCs, due to the fact that I’m broke, and enjoy having more than one USB port in use at the same time.

d: How do you like you eggs?
OM: Green Pepper and Cheese Omelette

d: What will the name of your Autobiography be?
OM: Monster Trucks and Not Givin’ Fucks!

Oisin in designist, exhibiting Playcrate


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