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2021 - part deux!

2021 - part deux!

HOW did this happen? July 1st! We have officially entered the second half of 2021! 

School’s out, pints are sorta-kinda in, and with 2020 as our last point of comparison, this summer feels fairly ‘normal’, right? 

For the next few weeks, parks and coastlines will be packed - Eating al fresco, picnicking and barbecuing is definitely the vibe of the summer. And with no foreign jaunts, there’s a heightened awareness of what’s going on here at home during the summer. 

Electric Picnic, a stalwart in our calendars since 2004, is currently set to go ahead late in September. While everything is still up in the air with summer events, we’ve seen trial gigs at the Iveagh Gardens and we’ve seen cancelations. The music industry is raring to get going, and they won’t have problems selling tickets (Hands up! Meee! I want live music in my life!). If gigs aren’t your thing, there are plenty of alternative days out, too.

This excellent guide to family friendly outdoor activities has some choice picks, and if you, like me, are a sucker for the lighthouses on our coasts, you’ll love these summer opera screenings at three of our most iconic lighthouses.  From alternative camping in the gaeltacht, to special screenings at the Lighthouse cinema, there is no lack of events, things to do and places to explore.

There’s also the option to grab a bottle of your favourite juice, fizz or brew and just take the easy road. Sit on the grass, read something lovely, enjoy the smells and sounds of summer, and chill out. 

Plenty of that, with a bit of the other - and a pen and your diary so you can start planning your gig calendar for summer ‘22. Bring it on.

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