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the future is here

We are so excited about the Dodocase Virtual Reality Cardboard Toolkit - it turns your normal smartphone into a virtual reality machine for just 30 quid! You really have to use it to see how fantastic it is. But in an attempt to describe what it's all about in old fashioned two dimensional words, this kit contains cardboard box binoculars with bi-convex lenses that you assemble easily yourself. Then you download one of the numerous free virtual reality apps to your smartphone (it works with Android or iPhone), press play, put the phone into the back of the box and look at it through the lenses. That's when the magic happens - you're transported to a 3D world where the movement of your head and eyes controls where you go and what you do.
It could be a rollercoaster ride through space, with planets and stars all around you. When a comet shots by you can turn around and follow it as it disappears. Or you might want to get dropped into a maze and have to get around it without falling down one of the open shaft booby traps. There are lots of different apps with different scenarios to choose from.
This is a really immersive experience, so rather than '3D' like we get in the cinema (where the feeling is still 2D to some degree, in that we can't look behind us and see things), this is 'virtual reality' because we can look up, down, behind, below and move through things. That's what makes it so exciting and fun! Pop into Designist next time you're in town and have a go, you won't believe just how deadly it is until you use it.
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