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Big Gay Pride Blog

Big Gay Pride Blog

A few words from our Roberta* on the Dublin Pride Parade tomorrow, and some of her favourite 'pridey' products.

Pride is my favourite day of the year because it combines all of my favourite things: rainbows, parades, taking pride in my sexuality, the celebration of equality and diversity, everyone I love being together, and glitter; tonnes and tonnes of glitter.

Here in Designist we carry a range of pride products that celebrate gay pride in all its glory:

Designer extraordinaire Fintan Wall makes a fabulous range of mugs and framed prints that we're delighted to stock. The Dead Famous print series honours all of our favourite deceased celebs (and conveniently, your favourite gay icons) – George Michael, Carrie Fisher, Freddie Mercury, Bowie, Prince... Need I say more?


The newest addition to Fintan's mugs is the All Tea No Shade mug – which is perfect for your pride brunch or your post-pride apocalyptic hangover.

(Mugs also come in YAAAS variety)



I pretty much have not stopped raving about this book since it came into the shop.The Descent of Man examines what masculinity means today and how damaging our gender standards for the 'masculine male' can be for society and the individual. Written by Grayson Perry, superstar transvestite potter – and one of my all time favourite artists – The Descent of Man is insightful, heart warming and hilarious. What's queerer than questioning gender roles?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Drag Race series 9 finale on the morning of Pride?! Amazing. I made a Rupaul birthday card and I think it's pretty cool and so will your Drag Race fanatic bessoz.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 






A reminder, though, that Pride isn't just about celebration, it's about standing up for your – and other's – rights, and remembering that not everyone in the world has the right to love whoever they want just yet. So get out and march for equality for everyone, no matter their sexuality, gender or race.



*Roberta joined the designist team last Christmas. She's an artist and illustrator based in Dublin, designing greeting cards under TrashBatt. @robertamurray










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