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bigging it up festival style this summer

bigging it up festival style this summer

Hands up who is really missing music festivals this year?!? But while there might not be any *actual*, real life festivals this year, we have to do without the festival experience. Okay, maybe not every bit of the festival experience (no portaloos thank god!), but definitely the better bits.

Why not recreate your very own, specially curated, mini music festival at home, or even better (if you have one) the garden. We put loads of ideas together to help you make the very most of it!


There are loads of concerts available to live stream online at the moment so stick your favourite on the tv and turn up the volume. If this is going to annoy the neighbours too much sure we have some nifty little speakers you can play the tunes on instead. They are compact but do pack a punch.

Once you have pulled out the perfect festival outfit (complete with wellies), pitched your tent (or at least thrown a sheet over the clothes line to create a bit of ambiance), added some christmas or copper string lights around the garden and loaded up some beers up into your cooler bag, you are ready.

Next are the eats. Whether you are a burger or falafel fan, why not recreate the greasy van experience with a bit of bbq.

Okay, festival food has come on a long way since my teenage years (I won't mention the decade), so if you want to do more than a standard burger you will find plenty of inspiration in THE Barbecue book - guaranteed to bring your outdoor cooking skills to a whole new level.

If you're one to go for homemade kombucha over the beers, why not fling it in a classy carafe for a bit of style? We also love these camping style mugs that have all the vintage style of old tin cups, but are actually ceramic so they are much, much nicer to drink from.

And finally; if you're looking for some visuals for this year's festival, we think we have found just the one (thanks for sharing!): on Twitter: "First festival of 2020 and you're all ...

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