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BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch)

BYOL (Bring Your Own Lunch)

It's lunch hour. There's a queue half a mile long at the local deli. You've got a bout of the tummy rumbles and a half hour left on your break. Fear not! For you are a lunch-boxer and your defence is tucked away in your bag. Just put your feet up and enjoy.

It seems strange that despite a whole childhood of packed food we often gravitate away from lunch boxes as adults. And eating out - besides gobbling up your money - is consuming your valuable 'me' time. Using a lunch box is the simplest way to control how much you eat (and spend), what you eat, and when you eat it. 

Preparing a lunch prepares you for the day. The night before or early in the morning you're already thinking about the day ahead. It helps you organise yourself and encourages you to plan grocery shopping and food consumption in advance. A planned lunchbox is a planned person, eliminating the frustrating time wasted every week pondering what to buy from a shelf during your tight lunch break.

Often your choice is reduced to whatever is available nearby, but by making your own lunch you can have whatever fits the mood, or make sure you get most out of your dinner left overs. Plus you've got extra storage space - when Jenny at work unveils her awesome carrot cake but you're not hungry, fret not! You are a lunch-boxer! You can safely deposit a slice in your food cubby and eat it later in the evening with a warm cuppa.

Sunny outside? Then alfresco dinning awaits you with your handy portable lunch box. Try the Box Appetite, it's tough, airtight, PBA-free, with a high-quality plastic fork, and neatly compartmentalised for all the components of your lunch. Or you can go for the clean-cut design of the Monbento Bento Box range. Taking inspiration from the traditional forms of the humble bento box, whose origins trace back to Samurai warriors in the 15th Century, used for food on the go.

If you make lunch for someone else, it's a gorgeous way to make them feel special with a wee note of love, or a reminder for something. A personalised, tasty act of care.

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