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68 south great george's street, dublin 2 (+353) 1 475 8534
Cream of the Crop: Hand poured Irish soy candles

Cream of the Crop: Hand poured Irish soy candles

Crop is a truly special collection of fragrances in candle and diffuser form made on a farm in Co. Cork. Inspired by the amazing natural scents of the Irish countryside, Crop makes a lovely

addition to your home or a wonderful gift from our fair isle. Each fragrance is delicately balanced and designed by expert perfumer Lucy Hagerty of La Bougie candles. There's year round scents of Rain, Earth and Grass and seasonal scents of Douglas Fir, Sloe and Seaweed for winter or Rhubarb, Gorse and Elderflower for summer.










Grass is designed with notes of grapefruit, cassis and basil. Yum!









Earth is a delicious musky scent with notes of tobacco, cognac and oak










Rain is imagined with jasmine, musk and chocolate.









Douglas Fir is a deliciously Christmassy fragrance with notes of Fir Needle, Balsam and Oakmoss.









The Sloe scent is designed with notes of Pomegranate, Cedarwood and Leather.

Seaweed is imagined with Sea Salt, Water Lily and Amber

The Crop range will fill your home with beautiful, natural fragrances of our fair isle. An amazing gift for someone who wants to be reminded of home or a visit to Ireland. Check out the range of diffusers here.

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