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Everyday useful gifts

Everyday useful gifts

Have you been searching endlessly for the perfect gift for your Valentine? A meaningful gift that shows you've really been paying attention? Here's a selection of everyday useful things that will prove you were listening (at least some of the time) and improve the quality of their daily lives. Is there a better present than that? 


Do cold, wet mornings get them down? Here's a sleek waterproof backpack that will make them feel super stylish in all weather conditions.

ucon acrobatics backpack original series in black


Is your loved one a total workaholic, with too much work on their plate? Slow At Work, by Aoife McElwain, is the ideal book to help them to take a step back and slow down. We've had some great feedback from customers whose work-life balance has been much improved by Aoife's inspiring words.

slow at work book by aoife mcelwain about work life balance


Are they trying to be both healthier and more eco-conscious? The retap glass bottles is light but strong and the perfect size to carry around with you. Made from borosilicate glass it won't break easily (we've dropped a fair few in here) and stops you needing to buy so many disposable plastic bottles of water on the go. 

retap carry glass bottle with leak proof lid


Is their phone always running out of battery at the worst possible time? This slinky marble effect power bank will ensure they're never stuck with a dead phone again as it holds enough power to charge the average Iphone twice, getting them out of the worst jams not once but twice.


marble power bank


Do they wish they could be more organised? Is their desk covered in a multitude of papers and notes and to-do lists? The branded Bullet Journal from Leuchtturm is an excellent way to get them going. Bullet Journalling is an analogue system that helps you organise the present, record the past and plan for the future. You can find out more about the system in our dedicated blog posts, or with the official Bullet Journal Method book.

bullet journal notebook by leuchtturm


Do they love getting the last bit of peanut butter out of the jar? Or the last scrape of chocolate from the pot? We've got the big supoon and the little supoon! They're a cross between a spoon and a spatula, so you can scrape, stir, mix, measure, scoop and serve using the same spoon, which means less washing up. Winning.

mini supoon

supoon scraping and measuring spatula

And if none of these suggestions quite hit the mark check out the rest of the website for even more useful and clever gift ideas



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