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Gadget Dad

Gadget Dad

Our dads love gadgets, different bits and bobs that do cool things that they can play with, and show off, and tell you about... And tell you about again... And again... And again... We have some pretty good gadgets that are so cool you won't even mind hearing about them over and over!



For any cycling Dads, Lucetta is the must-have bike accessory, a pair of magnetic bike lights that snap together when they're not in use. Lucetta sticks to your bike frame quickly and easily and quickly and snaps off just as fast when you're finished. 



Everyday 400,000 pickpocketing incidents happen worldwide. Well your aul fella won't be a victim with the Bobby Backpack on his side. The Bobby is an anti-theft backpack - and all round deadly gadget! 


Bobby has so much going on it's hard to know where to begin. It has hidden, quick-access pockets that are only accessible from the inside and an anti-slash body and straps - so it's pretty much Fort Knox. It has deadly organised storage pockets inside that distribute weight evenly so you feel 20-25% less pressure on your back. The coolest feature is a build-in USB port so you can charge your phone on the go. 



The Formcard is our new miracle substance - for anything you can think of; fixing, moulding, improving... ye know, Dad things.

Form is card made from a bio-plastic that fits snugly in your wallet, simply submerge the card in hot water and it begins to melt, from there you can mould it into any shape you wish, handles, hooks, odds and ends.

The best bit about Form is its reusable, if you change your mind and want to do something different you simply pop it back into hot water.



Keysmart Pro is a genius little gadget that means your Dad will never be without his keys again. Not only does the Keysmart Pro keep your keys neat and tidy, it also has a built-in function with an app that lets you call your keys from your phone! (You can also call your phone from the keyring too even if it's on silent which is just the smartest thing ever). 


The Monkey 

If none of the above will impress your dad, we also have The Monkey. The Monkey is the ultimate Dad speaker, it has a slap band strap/antenna that allows you to hang it off whatever you like. 



It has a long-lasting battery life, which makes it great for on the go, out in the garden, camping, hiking or chillin' in the shed. The Monkey also works as a radio so he'll never miss Joe Duffy (or John Kelly, whatever he's in to himself) 

Whatever you get him, get him something Dad-ly.... We have an amazing range of other Dad-friendly bits and bobs available here. 

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