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New cards for your valentine

New cards for your valentine

Our new range of Valentine's cards is in! Whether you're looking for funny, cheeky, irreverent, cheesy or cute, we've got the perfect card for your Valentine. All designed by local illustrators, printed in Dublin and packed in a clear compostable sleeve.


How about this adorable illustration of the iconic towers at Poolbeg?

dublin poolbeg towers valentines card

Some things are just so good together it would be rude not to pair them, like a pint and a packet of crisps, or you and your partner!

we belong together pint and crisps valentines card

A favourite pasttime for many, a bag of cans on the canal is one of the greatest things in Dublin, so it's definitely a compliment!

Shall I compare thee to a bag of cans valentines card designist

Possibly the only time when tearing apart means coming together, for a lovely cuppa tea!

love will tear us apart tea bags valentines card

For a galentine or a valentine, a brilliant card featuring everyone's favourite hairdresser!

stay hydrated queer eye themed valentines card

Straddling the line between cute and creepy, this is a valentine's card for a foxy friend! "I love you so much I want to stuff you".

foxy stuff you valentines card

It doesn't get much cuter than these Irish language valentine's cards by Leapa Beag. 'Mo Ghrá-sa' means 'my love' as gaeilge, n'aww! And look at the adorable little faces on the bacon and eggs!

mo ghra sa cute irish language valentines card as gaeilge

 mise agus tusa bacon and eggs irish language valentines card as gaeilge

See, aubergines can be cute! Cheeky valentine's card designed by Holly Pereira

aubergine cuddle valentines card

Ye dirty big feckin ride, one of the greatest compliments known to Irish people!

ye dirty big feckin ride valentines card

So there you have it, the brand new additions to our Valentine's cards this year. Of course some of our old favourites are still available, you can check out the full collection here


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