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Pigeon House Rules

Pigeon House Rules

The Pigeon House, the Poolbeg Stacks, the Poolbeg Chimneys – of course, it wouldn’t be Dublin without having various names for this iconic landmark. Whether it is glimpsed from the window of a plane or captured from ground level, they stand proud at 207 meters and dominate the skyline. The Chimneys have stood have beside each other since 1978 - the first one was completed in 1971. In recent years, there’s been a growing surge of affection towards them as they have emblazoned prints, cards and totes – a large number of products which we stock and have stocked in here.


And then Dubliner Neill Treacy decided to make candles out of them and create a gorgeous concrete plinth to perch them on. The two striped candles first landed on Instagram over a year ago and have become one of our most popular products of 2020. They’ve literally been taken out of our hands as we were on the cusp of putting them on display.


At last we are glad to report that we’ve stacked up the orders and replenished the stocks. And we have the candle holder set back in stock which comes with two pigeon house candles in a lovely, cardboard presentation box. We’ve had a few enquiries too about candles on their own and can reassure you that we are due to have these in stock from December 15.


It’s a classic souvenir of the city we love and we hope it will cast warmth and light for everyone this Christmas and throughout the year.


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