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grow, growing, grown! 5 useful hacks for getting your Garden Growing

grow, growing, grown! 5 useful hacks for getting your Garden Growing

The number of hours of care, patience and nurturing we collectively as a nation have put into our house plants this last year must by now have entered into the millions. From succulents to ferns, leafy greens, trailing vines and delicate blooms - those shelves have never looked so good. We've all made an effort to get the garden growing!

And while we can't all be naturals with the plant care (ahem), I have found a few ways to keep my green leaves grown and blooms a blooming. And in the spirit of sharing, here are my 5 useful growing hacks to keep our green friends growing and thriving. 

grow your own

1. the water spray: a gentle spray of water goes so far for some plants. It glosses up their leaves, leaving them shiny and healthy looking, and in turn this lets them absorb more light and grow better. noice.

2. trimming dead leaves: more than making them look a bit more attactive, trimming away dead leaves let your plants put all their energy into growing new healthy leaves and blooms.

3. Coffee Grounds for fertiliser: If your houseplant needs extra nutrients, and favours acidy soil - coffee grounds are fantastic fertiliser. 

4. Don't ditch that veggie waterSometimes, our tap water just isn't quite enough for our houseplants. But remembering to feed them - pleeeh. Instead, next time you boil some vegetables or eggs, don't ditch the leftover water, let it cool, then water your plants with it - and ta da! easy nutrient rich water. easy peasy.

5. Pebbles for drainage: This is a simple but very effective one. Making sure your houseplants have good drainage can be a challenge sometimes. By popping a handful of pebbles at the bottom of the pot, you will keep the roots raised up and away from any water that collects at the bottom while watering. This easy fix will help make sure your plants are less likely to get root rot, making them happier and healthier.

Germination Plates | Bloomist

If this has gotten your green fingers itching, then why not give one of our growing and germination kits a go? We sell two types currently here at designist.

The first are these germination plates by Botanopia. These let you germinate any seed, stone or bulb using their growing plates on top of any glass, vase or container. We love the way you can watch your favourite plant sprout and grow. 

 cheese plant growing kit from grow your ownn

And if you love the idea of getting your houseplant garden growing growing from scratch, then these Grow your Ownn kits may be just for you. From ferns to cheese plants, aloe vera to cacti; there are plenty of plants to chose from, so whatever space you have, there should be something that is bound to thrive. We love the neat little grey pots they come in too.

tiny camping for your house plants

Once your plants are growing, why not decorate them with these tiny decorations by Botanopia? Adorable.

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