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The ultimate guide to what makes a good gift

The ultimate guide to what makes a good gift

Gifting really is designist's ‘raison d’etre’. We love giving, receiving and being part of people’s gift experiences. And, when you're on the inside of so much gifting, you get to see what makes a really really good gift. Is it about the intention of the giver, the object itself, or the reaction of the recipient? Well, it’s a little of all three, isn’t it?! 

pigeonhouse candles


Thoughtful people want to seem thoughtful, and yes flowers are thoughtful and brighten up your day, but they’re a general type of thoughtful. The intention and the occasion are paramount when real thought is involved in a gift. The specificity is key. We look to the ‘why’ in everything we do, and therein lies the thoughtful magic.

new socks are not all equal

The Object Itself

Here’s where designist shines. We have done the thinking and the choosing for you. We will hand on heart say ‘yes, they will love it’. Because we understand what the alternatives are, and we’ve looked into the materials, the quality, the maker and the longevity of the object. We’ve got your back.

thoughtful gifts


Understanding the person you’re buying for and what makes them smile and what makes them tick is so important. The tiniest gift can inspire the biggest smile. A wildflower seed bomb to the person who appreciates wild growth is a far better call than an expensive vase, especially to a person who lives in a tiny flat and rarely affords themselves fresh blooms. A a notebook can kickstart a whole new project; and a beautifully designed mug can give a moment of calm. Great gifting considers the recipients circumstances, frame of reference and outlook on the world. 


badly made notebook


If you are looking a good gift for specific occasions, we are here to help. Why not check out the rest of our gift guides?


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