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Shout out to our Repeal Sheroes and Heroes!

Shout out to our Repeal Sheroes and Heroes!

With only days to go until we go to the polls, we want to give a shout out to the amazing people who are campaigning tirelessly for the Yes vote. If you're out there canvasing we salute you, whether it's knocking on doors, talking to your family or just wearing a yes badge. We'd also like to give a shout out to some of the absolute sheroes and heroes of the campaign so far: 

In Her Shoes
This fabulous, healing, wonderful, opinion changing Facebook page of women's stories has made such a massive impact. It opens the door for compassion for women who have suffered as the result of the eighth. We have no doubt that this has been directly responsible for how people will vote. Powerful stuff.

Angels for yes are a group of fabulous activists staging peaceful protests. The angels locate themselves mainly outside Dublin's maternity hospitals. Their aim to is to use their large angel wings to shield some of the graphic and deeply disturbing posters from the eyes of women and men travelling in and out of these hospitals. Many of these people are parents who have suffered miscarriages and these images are a source of great distress for them. Read this article from university times for more info.

Radical Queers Resist are another fantastic group of people striving to protect people from distressing images on display outside the maternity hospitals. They are using repeal memorabilia, sheets and pride flags to cover up these posters. Not all our heroes wear capes but if they did they would be rainbow ones - They are amazing!

The Hunreal Issues  is a website, social stream and movement that addresses the issues that every hun needs to be knowin’ about. It was created by Andrea Horan, a feminist queen championing repro rights in Ireland and we adore her! She was behind Maser's mural reappearing on the Project Arts Centre and The Fashion is Repealing event. She's HunReal!

Is anyone else living in their Repeal sweater? The Repeal Project is an outerwear project to give a voice to a hidden problem. The woman behind it is Anna Cosgrove (Pictured here with total Shero Tara Flynn) and she is deadly - her sweaters have become a uniform for the campaign. They have what is now called the 'Tá-gether effect' - the brief but powerful connection with a passing stranger wearing a T4Y Badge or a Repeal sweater! It's all the feels. Let your clobber do the talking!

The Together for Yes pop-up shop in Temple Bar has to be one of busiest, buzziest places in Dublin in the last two weeks. This is the best spot to stock up on merch (Grab a colour Repeal sweater before they're irrelevant!), badges and stickers - its great to have a few in your pocket to spread the Yes vibes! And what is really special is that this is a communal space to share the love, support each other and have the chats.

So we're into the final stretch and all that's left to do is VOTE!!! Make your polling plan for Friday - Bring your ID with you, organise and plan transport with family and friends. Check out LYNK Taxi's who are offering free taxis to the polling station. Legends! Most importantly, make sure you vote YES - this is a once in a generation chance for change and it is up to all of us to make this happen. Let's do it!

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